Exciting Cream for Men Touro Orgie

Touro is an erection enhancing cream,

formulated with taurine and ginkgo biloba as natural active ingredients

which act as vasodilators and ginseng, known to be effective

an aphrodisiac used for centuries in China and other eastern countries.

Touro provides easier and firmer erections, resulting in maximum

excitement and pleasure for men.

How to use:

Apply the desired amount of cream on and around the member.

Easy to use packaging will allow

to apply the product wherever you want without any problems.

Important: do not apply on irritated or injured skin.

In case of irritation after application,

discontinue use and rinse with water.

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Exciting Cream for Men Touro Orgie

  • Brand: ORGIE
  • Product Code: 10-06-074
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  • 28.00лв.

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