Enjoy an explosion of perfume and color with Cocktail Editions,

enjoy the pool with luxury lubricant.

Slube is a gel that comes in the form of crystals.

When added to hot water, the crystals disintegrate,

forming an incredibly smooth and sensual body lubricant.

You can use Slube for everything - from relaxing

bath experience to sensual massages!

The gel completely covers the skin,

reducing the need for re-application

and reduces friction between you and your partner.

Leaves skin soft and invigorating.

Slube also retains heat in the water,

so you will have more time to play and

no need to keep filling with hot water.

Using crystals in the bath

Using Slube is easy!

Fill the tub according to the enclosed instructions,

add the crystals to the water and watch how

the gel begins to form.

Once you're done with the game,

add more water to dilute it,

then remove the lid from the tub.

Using crystals in other ways

We suggest you add a few tablespoons

hot water in a plastic bottle along with the crystals.

Then just shake the bottle and then

the perfumed and colored lubricant for a few minutes

for the body is ready to apply! You can also mix it in a bowl,

for example, if you use it for a massage.

Again, a few should be enough

tablespoons warm water.

Want a slippery pool game?

Stir in a bucket and pour!

Do you want a thicker texture?

Just add more crystals!

Should it be thinner? Add more water!

It's great to experiment with Slube and get it

exactly what you want.

The packages include 2 bags of 125 g and a brochure with instructions.

That's enough for two whole baths or several

other smaller mixtures, depending on how you use Slube.

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