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Joy Division

Joy Division is a leader in sexual health enhancement products and is well known for its innovative and effective range of products that have satisfied millions of customers worldwide.

The brand offers a variety of intimate care and sexual health products, including lubricants, sex tampons and massage oils, all aimed at improving sexual well-being and increasing pleasure for both women and men.

Over the years, the production of these products has expanded significantly, resulting in a wide variety offered on the market.

What sets Joy Division apart

Joy Division is a German brand that has been a market leader in intimate care and sexual health products for over 25 years. Established in 1994 in Germany, the brand's products are among the most innovative on the market.

The products are made to meet the highest safety and quality standards, recommended and approved by doctors and sex consultants. Each product promotes pleasure for both men and women during sexual activity and offers proven benefits for their intimate lives.

All products are dermatologically tested for skin compatibility and condom compatibility before being released to the market. They undergo continuous quality control, with microbiological safety being one of the checked aspects.

The brand is known for its many innovations and patents introduced in its products. He was the first in the world to develop a 100% natural lubricant without carbon dioxide in its composition. It is also popular with one of the most famous lubricant brands in Europe (AQUAglide) and is the leading inventor of tampons used during sex. In addition, the brand has developed the safest sex toy disinfection spray in the world (clean'n'safe), which effectively acts on microorganisms and viruses.

The brand's mission is to create high-quality, aesthetically pleasing products at affordable prices that bring pleasure and support sexual health for everyone. The products can be used by people exploring their own bodies or by couples who want to add a new element to their sex life.

Joy Division is also known for its social and environmental commitment. Since 1995, the brand has been a member of organizations for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and supports children's organizations such as AIDSHILFE at UNICEF and TERRE DES HOMMES. Also involved in creating job opportunities and targets for various training programs.

The brand's products are perfectly adapted to consumer preferences, and continuous innovation and commitment to various causes make its products even more popular and sought after by consumers.

Products offered by Joy Division

The brand offers a diverse range of sex articles and accessories for women, men and couples. However, it is particularly popular for its lubricants and tampons used during a woman's menstrual cycle.

These tampons are designed to stop bleeding during menstruation, allowing sexual activity to continue without hindrance or discomfort. They are designed to ensure that women can feel comfortable at any time of the month and freely enjoy their sexuality.

High-quality lubricants help facilitate sexual activity and enhance pleasure, ideal for use when alone or with toys.

The products are completely safe for users, and the rich range includes over 250 luxury products for intimate care and sexual pleasure. They are available in more than 70 countries around the world at affordable prices. – retailer of the brand's products

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