• Condoms MY SIZE 69 10 pcs Box

Condoms MY SIZE 69 10 pcs Box

My Size condoms with a width of 69 mm, suitable for penises with a circumference of 14 - 15 cm. Mu Size condoms - choose your condom size and discover the pleasure of sex with the right condom size. The length of the condom does not matter. One of the important features for the pleasure and comfort during sex with condoms is precisely the right size of condoms for you. With My Size, you can be sure to find the right width that will guarantee you a much more pleasant feeling. With the right size, putting on condoms is much easier. They are also much safer to use due to the fact that they fit exactly and there is no danger of slipping or pinching. They are available in seven different sizes that will fit almost any penis size. My Size condoms have a nominal width of 47mm to 69mm

My Size condoms are made in Germany.

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Condoms MY SIZE 69 10 pcs Box

  • Brand: My Size
  • Product Code: 10-08-015
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